Small School = Big Advantages

With the thousands of international schools available around the world, it can be overwhelming trying to make the best decision for your child’s education. Some parents go for the glitz and glamour of the large schools with an abundance of facilities, but often forget youth need attention, and it is often difficult to get that special attention when your child is in a large class.

Many of the benefits of small schools are overlooked. Sure, everyone knows that students in smaller classes get more individual attention but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the perks of enrolling at a small boarding school.

To begin, students have less of a chance of encountering bullying and negative cliques that often develop in larger schools. Shy students feel safer and are included more and begin to develop more confidence amongst their peers.

Moreover, success goes hand in hand with small school environments. Time and time again, studies indicate that academic success rates are much higher in small school settings. Firstly, students in small learning environments are often able to participate more and have their voices heard. With small class sizes strong student-teacher relationships can flourish which help students feel comfortable taking risks both academically and socially. These strong connections can also lead to greater social-emotional development. Students and parents are often able to be given much more regular feedback from teachers and staff of the facility. In small school settings each student can feel a part of a community as interactions are more frequent and more meaningful.

Speaking of parents, they also enjoy the added benefit of having their child’s teacher readily available for any concerns. Typically, any behavior or academic issues can be addressed well before evolving into a more serious matter. In a small school setting, prevention of issues is the cornerstone.

These of course are just a few of the advantages that come hand in hand with small schools. A small boarding school experience for high school makes the greatest difference in a child’s educational journey.

Written by Justin Irwin – Recruiter for Merrick Preparatory School

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