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Best Boarding Schools in Spain

International Schools & Boarding Schools are very popular in Spain. Discover our selection of the Best International Schools & Boarding Schools in Spain.

With its blend of cultures, arts, sports and history, Spain offers the opportunity to experience an unrivaled international education, in one of the world’s most desirable countries.

7 reasons to study in Spain

1. Bilingual, quality, safety, economic stability

Secondary education in Spain provides a unique opportunity to foreign students to learn the Spanish language in a safe and welcoming country with the highest academic standards.

2. Quality of life

As one of the oldest nations on earth, Spain can offer a combination of qualities which make it an ideal destination to experience a unique educational and cultural environment. With people famed for their hospitality, situated in southeastern Europe far from conflict zones and free of natural disasters, Spain is rightly considered as one of the safest locations in the world.

With significant modernization and development in recent decades, in addition to a wonderful climate and excellent social services, Spain is recognized as a country with some of Europe’s highest living standards, and as a destination favored by millions of tourists every year.

3. Environment and climate

Situated at the mouth of the Mediterranean, Spain enjoys a continental climate. Its privileged location gives rise to a country of unique geographical richness and variety. From the mountains famed for their skiing to a range of coastal regions, to islands with a tropical climate; Spain has a little of everything.

In addition, with some of Europe’s best transport infrastructure, moving around Spain, whether it be by plane, car or train could not be easier. Such ease of movement allows Spanish international schools to offer activities for their foreign students in many parts of this fascinating country.

4. Language and sports

Learning and/or perfecting the Spanish language (the second most spoken mother tongue in the world) is one of the principal reasons to spend an academic year or more in Spain. If this can be combined with studying an international programme, the effects can be multiplied to provide a truly enriching experience.

Furthermore, Spain is also recognized for its international excellence in many sporting disciplines. Its most prestigious international schools offer programmes from beginner to advanced/elite in sports such as football, tennis, basketball or golf. In addition, Spain’s wonderful climate allows for these sports to take place outdoors for most of the year combined with the extraordinary facilities of the international schools.

5. Art, culture and history

In addition to an immersive linguistic experience in the Spanish language, the opportunity to experience the history, art and culture of one of the great centres of civilization is immeasurable.

Not only does Spain possess some of the world’s finest galleries and museums, but also an extraordinary range of cities whose architectural and artistic value are world-renowned.
The international schools of Spain have educational programmes and extra-curricular activities based on this heritage which include not just art but also music, dance and drama.

6. Outstanding facilities and campuses

In the past Spain was not always known as a destination for an international education. However, with the advent of private schools with international boarding facilities, the situation has changed significantly in the last number of years, especially with the number of such schools who offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) or British programmes.

These schools, with their high academic standards, are considered as innovators within the Spanish educational community, especially in the areas of methodology, facilities, academic resources, and sports and arts installations.

The quality of these campuses and the atmosphere of the boarding schools is the equal of or exceed those of the finest private schools in the world.

7. Cost

The cost of a private, international education in Spain is somewhat less than other comparable European countries, with the added bonus of being able to learn a language as important as Spanish while maintaining or improving the level of English.

All in all, this means that Spanish private schools are competing with their best North American and European counterparts and are not found wanting.

Best Boarding Schools in Spain

Mas Camarena International Schools

  • 46117 Bétera, Valencia, Sector Esmeralda V Mas Camarena, 46117 Bétera, Valencia

Mas Camarena is a multilingual private School with following a Spanish curriculum that ranges from the first cycle of the Elementary school up to Baccalaureate…

  • Co-Education
  • 2969 students
  • Day School|Boarding School
  • International Baccalaurea...
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Yearly Tuition FEE (MIN) : EUR 8'670
Yearly Tuition FEE (MAX) : EUR 28'500

Aquinas American School

  • Calle Poniente, 20, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain

Aquinas American School is an American, catholic, co-ed, college-preparatory school founded in 2012 and located in a closed-gate community called Monte Alina, in the suburbs…

  • Co-Education
  • 680 students
  • Day School & Boarding School
  • At Aquinas American Schoo...
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Yearly Tuition FEE (MIN) : 6800€
Yearly Tuition FEE (MAX) : 12000€

The Lady Elizabeth School

  • Entrada, Urb. Cumbre del Sol, s/n, 03726, Alicante, Spain

Established in 1987 The Lady Elizabeth School aims to provide an enriching, learning-focused education of the highest standard which allows our pupils to achieve both…

  • Co-Education
  • 1035 students
  • Day School, Boarding School
  • British Curriculum as wel...
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Yearly Tuition FEE (MIN) : €5110
Yearly Tuition FEE (MAX) : €11676

Kaptiva Sports Academy

  • Avinguda del Pla del Vinyet, 110, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona

Kaptiva Sports Academy is an elite residential football academy located in Barcelona & Madrid, in Spain, that has been developing U16 and U18 players since…

  • Boys Only
  • 50 students
  • Boarding School
  • American High School Dipl...
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Yearly Tuition FEE (MIN) : 41.995€
Yearly Tuition FEE (MAX) : 41.995€

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