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I notice a considerable difference in my children when they interact with other kids back in the USA. My children have more topics to talk about and they are able...
Since 2011, when we moved from New York, our children have attended St. Andrews Sathorn. Truth be told, it was the small size of the student body and the extraordinary...
Personally I have a very good experience with the school. Teaches and admin staff are very professional and highly educated.
This is a great school to come and find friends!!
Hi, I am Amitoj Sethi and my son Anay has been a part of the CVSL family here in Lonavala for more than four years now. We always wanted our...
Mr Bhavi Juthani & Mrs Snehal Juthani parents of Khush Juthani studying in Grade 8. Khush started his academic journey at Cathedral Vidya School in Grade 7 in the year...
Mr Bhavi Juthani & Mrs Snehal Juthani, The Cathedral Vidya School
The four C’s (compassion, creativity, courage and courtesy) that make up the school’s guiding principles aren’t just words they dreamt up for marketing purposes – as a parent it is...

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