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Being at SVA was one of the best experiences I’ve had in life. Besides the great education, friendly people, and fantastic sport opportunities, I was able to follow my passion...
Martin Rasinger CEO, BagJump Action Sports, Austria, Squaw Valley Academy
The dedication and commitment of the staff alone are enough to recommend St. Joseph’s!
Penarth is a really peaceful place to live, the Pier is lovely. In Cardiff you have access to everything you want and can have real international experiences. Westbourne has given...
Yohannes, IB student, Westbourne School
If you dare to be different then book in for a visit and you will soon see why this is the best school in Chiang Mai by miles!
Ashley Jon Pemberton, Panyaden International School
Lots of activities available, through sports, drama, music. And the Teachers are just amazing.
Parent with child in Secondary School, Regents International School Pattaya
My children have lived in many different countries and attended many different international schools, they are the happiest they have ever been.
Haut-Lac is not just a school, it is a community for families where children and parents alike can form long lasting bonds of friendship. My children had five very happy...

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