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EAL classes gather students who still need to work on improving their English levels, so their English levels are roughly close to each other. Thereby, EAL students can interactively improve...
This is to share my experience as father regarding my son Luka, who studied at Monte Rosa. It is with greatest pleasure that I acknowledge how his academic and personal...
Tamar Shesh, Institut Monte Rosa
Modern approach to education that takes into consideration the skills needed in future careers and developing the child as a whole.
Parent with child in Early Primary, Regents International School Pattaya
A community-based school that focuses on finding your true self by being able to happily relate to all parts of the puzzle—the wider human race irrespective of race religion or...
I too congratulate the Azazy Group on having taken the initiative to invite Malvern College to become established in New Cairo and I take this opportunity to give you all...
Its one of the best in the city
It was very clear from the beginning that Stanstead College was a family affair. We were surprised to hear that teachers volunteered their time out of class for clubs, sports,...
Andrea Schmitt-Lozano, mother of Jessica 2018, Stanstead College

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