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Moving to ISC was the best decision we could have taken. At ISC, everyone gets a warm welcome. For us the school is a synonym of community, social skills, great...
Fay graduates stand out in our community. They are skilled mathematicians, writers, musicians, athletes, scientists, and artists—and they’re also intellectually curious and passionate about their interests.
Admission officer, Phillips Exeter Academy, Fay School
Amity Amsterdam offers not only excellent facilities and surroundings. With its engaged, knowledgeable staff it really feels that each individual gets the attention and support to be able to learn,...
As a mixed marriage couple (Canadian & Indonesian), we sought a Jakarta-based school that would best prepare our four children for academic success in either a North American or European...
Chris & Rossy BENDL, British School Jakarta
I chose to attend HIF because I am a passionate ice hockey player. The school enabled me to perfectly combine school and ice hockey.
Florian Haller – HIF alumni and top Swiss junior ice hockey goalkeeper, Hochalpines Institut Ftan – HIF Swiss International School and Sports Academy
Penarth is a really peaceful place to live, the Pier is lovely. In Cardiff you have access to everything you want and can have real international experiences. Westbourne has given...
Yohannes, IB student, Westbourne School
The videos you have all made, the activities you have thought of and the ability to keep the Ermitage community upbeat, happy and engaged as learners during this time has...
Ermitage IB MYP4 Parent, Ermitage International School of France

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