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If you are looking for high-quality IB education for your kids on the coast of the Adriatic – Knightsbridge International school in Tivat is the best option. We’ve been with...
Gulia, Year 6 and Kinder 4 Parent, Knightsbridge Schools International Montenegro
My children receive an outstanding education in a safe and nurturing environment.  The school has encouraged my children to grow in confidence enabling them to thrive in all aspects of...
I chose CMIS because of its academic reputation, and because they have both personal and academic counselors. I also like having student support programs and welcoming parents who get involved...
Our aim is to rise to the challenges of the present day whilst preparing students for the future.
Dr. Peter Rösner, Stiftung Louisenlund
In school academic learning, is rigorous and not rigid, which makes it a pleasant experience for son. It acquires a large number of skills including, among others, critical thinking adapted...
Children love to play, so an element of fun and games is incorporated into every lesson. Everything is interactive and tactile! Fun in the classroom means students are encouraged to...
Our family has been a part of the St. John’s community for the past four years. We knew coming in that our children would receive a quality education at the...

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