The Best Boarding Schools in Australia

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Boarding Schools are very popular in Australia. Discover the Best Boarding Schools in Australia.
Studying in Australia will provide your child with an excellent education, as well as a caring living environment and great choices in extra-curricular activities to do with friends in an accepting environment.

Why Many International Students Choose a Boarding School in Australia?

Studying in Australia offers international students excellence in learning, terrific opportunities to engage in extra-curriculum activities with friends, and an accepting learning environment within a multicultural society. Private boarding schools offer the highest level of academic learning with many students from these schools consistently achieving the best results in state or national examinations.

International Environment

Students come from almost every country in the world, especially China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Greece, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, the Netherlands, South Africa, Polynesia, and New Zealand.
Since Australia has embraced becoming a multicultural society, even the youngest students are taught to accept people from other cultures and nationalities. It is part of the national curriculum in every school. This means your child will make friends easily, which is essential within a boarding school. It is likely there will be other children from your country within the same school, which can help your child to settle down and enjoy school. Although teachers will only use English to teach a class, students will find many teachers and other students have come from other countries and are able to converse in other languages during non-class times within the boarding school.

Unique Australian Experiences

Australia offers students some very unique experiences, partly because of the landscape and the animals that are only found in this country, including kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, platypus, Tasmanian devils, and emus. Private boarding schools in Australia will provide school excursions and camps in different areas to allow students to explore the different areas such as the long stretches of sandy beaches where swimming and surfing are popular sports, rugged mountains covered in eucalyptus trees, stunning rainforests, dusty deserts, and cultural places like the Sydney Opera House, museums, and art galleries.

Great Facilities

Education is highly regarded in Australia and private boarding schools strive to provide the best learning environment for students of all levels and abilities. Excellent boarding schools in Australia are available in most cities for students from lower school (primary school) to the end of high school. Most boarding schools are gender specific and provide a very high standard of living facilities, extra-curricular activities facilities such as sports arenas, and classrooms filled with the latest technology and tools to provide the best education to each individual student. Private boarding schools offer many different extra-curricular activities including music, drama, arts, team and individual sports, chess, and other games. These help the boarding school students to fill in the non-classroom times with enjoyable activities with other students at the school. Living standards are high in Australia general and, as the richest Australian children attend private boarding schools, these schools provide the best in living facilities for children with excellent catering, cleaning, and live-in house supervisors.

Quality Teaching

Australian schools all have a very high level of curricula to teach and teachers must have a university degree in teaching, plus supervised practical teaching before being allowed to teach students alone. Private boarding school places are highly sought after by teachers, which means the schools select the most experienced and professional teachers. The general curricula of Australian schools include English, mathematics, sciences, history, social sciences, media studies, languages, geography, music, art, and sports.

International Diplomas

There are national and state tests for every student at various stages throughout primary and high school, with results available publicly, so you can compare schools with a consistently high percentage of high achievers in these exams. Some private boarding schools will have up to 25 per cent of students achieving the top five per cent score in these tests, and up to 40 per cent achieving scores within the top ten per cent of the nation or the state. Many private boarding schools are International Baccalaureate World Schools and offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma for senior years, so your child will be able to attend any university around the world.

Best Boarding Schools in Australia

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