The Best Boarding Schools in Switzerland

Best Boarding Schools Switzerland

Best Boarding Schools in Switzerland: an overview of the most popular and best Swiss boarding schools, with details on their fees, tuition costs, school calendar and location.

Switzerland is known for mountains & lakes, banks, innovation, watches and chocolate. Swiss education is ranked among the best in the world. Public schools have a good reputation and Swiss private boarding schools and international day schools are exceptional and rank in the top levels internationally.

Why choosing a Swiss Boarding School?

1. High reputation

Switzerland is the home of some of the world’s finest and most prestigious boarding schools. Swiss boarding schools, while being expensive compared to other countries, are renowned for their very high reputation and academic excellence. Students come from all over the world to study in a truly international and safe environment.

2. Choice

With over 100 international schools, there is a very high concentration of international education, for a fairly small country of only 8 million people. Parents whose children study in Switzerland appreciate the safe learning environment, the high academic standards, the international and cultural diversity, the language focus and the top extracurricular program.

3. Academic Standards

Many expats and local parents send their children to international schools in Switzerland, despite the quality of its public schools. Swiss international schools are among the best in the world. Typically, they offer international diploma, such as the International Baccalaureate, British Curriculum, American, French or Swiss curriculum. (See also: how to choose the right curriculum for your child)
Many schools offer a combination of the different curricula. You will find day or boarding schools in most of the larger cities, where international companies and organisations are located. Especially the lake Geneva region has a high international school density.

Boarding Schools Switzerland Geneva Lake Area
Many boarding schools in Switzerland are located in the Geneva Lake Region

4. Ideal Location

Switzerland’s location in the heart of Europe makes it the ideal place to learn about different cultures and study languages. With four national languages; shared borders with Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein; and a highly international population, Switzerland helps students develop into world citizens.

5. Outdoor Adventures

With mountains, rivers, and lakes a plenty, Switzerland offers unlimited opportunities for students to engage with the outdoors. Whether they are into hiking, trail running, rock climbing, canyoning, kayaking, rafting, or cycling, students will inevitably emerge from their time at a Swiss boarding school with a heightened appreciation for the outdoors and a better understanding for what it takes to succeed in challenging environments.

Best Boarding Schools in Switzerland

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