Grade 4 Creates their Own Business

This week saw the return of a beloved student-run event which has been a feature in the ISA Main Foyer for several years: the Grade 4 Marketplace. Students in Grade 4 have recently been hard at work on their Marketplace unit of inquiry, which culminated in their hosting their Marketplace on Monday.

Step One: Interview Local Business Owners

As part of the unit, students had the opportunity to visit the local Amstelveen Marketplace to interview local business owners. They learned more about the costs involved in running a small business, how a business can market itself and how pricing works.

Step Two: Engage with Parent Volunteers

Students also welcomed ten parent volunteers with business experience into their classrooms. Parents presented what it takes to run a successful business and discussed concepts such as supply and demand, market research and competition.

Step Three: Run a Business!

The unit culminated in Monday’s Grade 4 Marketplace, where students had the opportunity to run a business of their own! Students selected, designed, crafted and cooked up a wide variety of goods to sell to the ISA community, including sweet treats, trinkets, toys, crafts and games. Their peers in other Lower School classes were able to shop at the Marketplace, and they enjoyed shopping at the Market, sampling the delicious treats and engaging with the crafts and games on offer.

Developing Minds

Each stage of the unit allowed Grade 4 to experience for themselves what running a business, engaging with customers and selling products is like in various real-world settings and outside of a traditional classroom environment. The process was inquiry-driven, with students encouraged to make connections, reflect and ask “why” and not just “how” – because good questioning leads to great learning.

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International School of Amsterdam

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