Best International Schools in China

International Schools are very popular in China. Discover Best International Schools in China.

Why do More and More Students Choose an International School in China?

Looking to be at the forefront of the changing international landscape while still offering your children world-class education? Look no further than China, one of the world’s fastest growing economies with an equally fast-growing international school market.

Major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai boast large expat populations with outstanding international schools to match. Student populations are truly international, featuring expats from Western and Eastern countries alike. Students receive top-tier education opportunities with international curriculum, guaranteeing a smooth transition back to their home countries or university.

Paired with a unique opportunity for immersive lessons in the most-spoken language in the world, and China presents itself as a premier destination for international schooling.

The number of schools in China offering international programs is expanding at a rapid pace and with wide variations in quality assurance.
Parents need to be sure they are considering top tier schools with valid and current accreditation from recognised international authorities.
Make sure you are dealing with schools with the necessary commitment to high learning standards and the resources to deliver on that commitment. Start your search here, with this listing of well recognised high achieving international learning communities.
Noel Thomas, Co-principal, Yew Chung International School of Beijing

Best International Schools in China

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