The Best International Schools in Montenegro

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International Schools are very popular in Montenegro. Discover Best International Schools in Montenegro.

Why choosing an International School?

Moving abroad with a school-age child and starting a new life in another country can be daunting. Therefore, when moving to another country or city, it would be helpful to know which are the schools that can provide globally recognized and eligible qualifications to your child. Thanks to International Schools and their globally recognized curricula (British, American or International Baccalaureate), your child will get a first-class education in a safe and caring learning environment regardless of the country you are relocating to.

Why choosing a school in Montenegro?

Montenegro is a country blessed with a beautiful sea, rivers, and mountainous landscape. As a latecomer to the industrial revolution, the country has emerged as an ecological wonder whose economy is based primarily on tourism. The cities located on the coast offer visitors the typical Mediterranean climate, with long hot summers and short mild winters, whereas, inland, the country offers a more temperate climate, with abundant rainfall which turns to snow during the winter season. Expats families generally tend to move in Podgorica, where the main NGOs and international or multinational organizations are based. Montenegro health system is a combination of both public and private care, as the country is continually striving to catch up with standards in the rest of Western Europe. Expats will find many international schools offering high-quality education to international students. Check the list below and find the best International Schools in Montenegro!

Best International Schools in Montenegro

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