Best Schools to Study in the Mountains

Many families are choosing a Boarding Schools in the Moutains for many reasons. Discover why and find out which are the best boarding schools in the mountains

Benefits of studying in a Boarding School in the Mountains

Who doesn’t dream of attending school in a spectacular setting? Life-changing learning takes place both in and out of the classroom.

Outdoor Activities

Mountain based international schools offer so much more, than just classes. Students will learn exciting new winter and summer sports programs and keep the skills all their life. Activities range from mountaineering, skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain and downhill biking, studying flora and fauna and so much more. Some schools offer several day expeditions with overnights in traditional mountain huts or camping under the stars.

Fresh Air

Sending your kid away from the city to a school in nature can change your child’s life. Students breathe more deeply and grow up in a healthy environment.

Inspirational Learning Environment

Studying on the mountain can trigger creativity and out of the box thinking. When living in such an environment, students will forget typical city stress. They will be able to focus on the essentials, improving their overall performance.
With World Schools, you can discover schools in panoramic mountain settings with stunning views. Breath the fresh air, participate in exciting outdoor activities, discover new cultures.

Selection of schools in stunning mountain settings:

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