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Best American International Schools in Egypt

What are the Best American International Schools in Egypt?

As the name implies, the American Curriculum is mostly associated with education in the United States, although a number of international schools in Egypt have adopted this popular system of learning.

Here are some key takeaways from the American Curriculum model:

  • Offers a wide range of courses designed to produce a well-rounded education
  • Focuses on helping students discover their aptitudes and make the most of their talents
  • Focused on creativity and social interaction, especially in early grades
  • Designed to prepare students for college and careers
  • More rigorous standards introduced as students prograss through the grades


Top American Schools in Egypt

Schools in alphabetical order, no ranking:

American Curriculum

Since 1945, Cairo American College collaborate through a partnership of motivated students, exemplary and caring staff, and involved families within a dynamic American educational model.
Location: Cairo, Egypt


English & American National Curriculum

Since 1982, El Alsson enjoys a reputation for successful quality education and dedicated customer care. El Alsson offers the American curriculum in a most professional and modern way.
Location: Giza, Egypt


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