Best Online Homeschool Programs Worldwide

If you are one of the many parents or guardians of school age children, you likely understand the pressure and added responsibility that it is to educate your children at home. It is most certainly a challenging time for both students and parents around the global but with some guidance and tips, we hope to help make it a much easier transition to a successful homeschool environment.

The concept of remote learning or homeschooling as it is called is not a new one. Starting from the late 1960s to early 1970s for some, school reform and the way we go about educating our young ones since that time has been a primary focus for teachers, leaders of school districts and producers of learning curriculum.

In this article, we aim to offer a guide on the very best homeschooling programs and homeschooling curriculums available today. These were identified based on the following simple guidelines:

  • National and/or international recognition
  • Advancement of learning based upon grade
  • Accreditation standards and approvals
  • Ability to send high school students to good colleges
  • Well-roundedness of the overall program
  • Enrichment opportunities and support offered

Below you will find our guide to help you transition into the best online homeschool program for you and your students. Many of these schools offer programs to help support and guide the overall learning process, offer individualized feedback, streamline the paperwork and enrollment process and help students learn at their own pace.

Top 10 Online Homeschool Programs in the World

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