What Students Say About Online Schooling

Online schooling involves pupils attending lessons and learning from home over the internet, rather than going to a physical school. They learn all the same things as they would here and earn the same qualifications. But instead of following a timetable, they can pick up lessons whenever and wherever they want – so long as they have an internet connection.

The Covid-19 pandemic showed many pupils what it’s like to learn online. And for lots of students, it’s their preferred approach to education. From making friends and improving social skills, to flexible lesson times and helpful teachers, learners have many good things to say about online learning.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the praise they have for being educated online.

Thomas recently graduated from online school with four A Levels at A*. He’s now on his way to the University of Cambridge to study to become a plant scientist. He says online school fosters a sense of independence that helps you to thrive. 

“Online school has no commute, no distractions from other students and is unique in that between lessons, you can go run up a mountain (or focus on any other passion you have). In giving such independence over your time, online learning provides a more focused, efficient, and personalised environment than the brick and mortar schools I’ve attended.” Thady

Taking responsibility

For Namaste, online school has helped her to become more independent. It’s encouraged her to work hard for what she wants. A lack of teachers checking over you in-person is what sets it apart from physical school.

“Online learning means dedication. It’s not like a normal school where you have your teachers next to you, and can check if you’re working. When you study online, you have to make yourself work and take responsibility for everything you do. No one’s going to tell you what you have to do. Outside of lessons, you have to study on your own to get the grades you want.”  Namaste

  What Students Say About Online Schooling

Becoming more social

Some may have concerns that online learning means reduced social contact. But this isn’t true, as Reem explains. She believes attending school online has helped her to become more social, and learn about people from all over the world. 

“I’ve developed my social skills. Sometimes I’d take part in breakout rooms where I have to talk to people I don’t know, which took me out of my comfort zone. But it helped me develop those social skills. I also became more open-minded, because I got to learn about people from different countries and how varied our mindsets are.” Reem

Learning at any time

Thady has noticed his writing skills improve with online learning. He also appreciates being able to access lesson recordings at any time, in any place – as long as he has an internet connection. 

“At online school, I like that I can go back and rewatch lessons. It’s great. And I can access all the resources. I can see myself improving, and I think my teachers can see that too. I used to not get my points across clearly with essays. That’s changing.” Thady

Improving writing skills

Tabatha has seen her writing skills get a boost. She says the nature of online education has helped her to practice this type of communication, and she’s grateful for it. 

I’ve learned to be more confident when talking online. I wasn’t very good with emails and messages before, as it was something I never got very fluid with. Getting to practice that with online school has been very valuable.” Tabatha

  What Students Say About Online Schooling

Teachers always helping

As well as meeting people from around the world, Valentia says her online school teachers have offered her tremendous help. They’re happy to answer any questions and are always generous with their support. 

“The teachers at online school have been very supportive and helped me if I had any questions. There’s a variety of students from different parts of the world. I’ve been able to make connections everywhere, and I’m thankful for that.” — Valentina

Enhancing friendships

Lily also thinks online school teachers are helpful. She made and spoke to her new friends online months ahead of meeting them in-person, which she believes enhanced those friendships.

“Online school is really supportive wherever you are, and if you go to them, they will always help you. Everything falls into place when you meet your friends in person for the first time. This helps you get to know then even better.” Lily

Helping Students Thrive Through Online Learning

At King’s InterHigh, our learners are free to attend lessons at a time and place that suits them. Our teachers can help students to thrive and make the most of their potential. And we encourage pupils to make new friends and pursue these friendships beyond the classroom.

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