The Best Boarding Schools in Jordan

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Discover the finest boarding schools in Jordan, which offer a unique educational experience for students seeking a comprehensive and challenging academic environment.

Why Choose to Study at a Boarding School in Jordan?

Boarding schools provide an environment that stimulates students intellectually in ways they may not have encountered before. The average class size of 12 students ensures a personalized approach to learning. Furthermore, the teachers live on campus, giving them additional time and availability to offer extra help outside class hours.

Jordan, with a Human Development Index ranking of 95 out of 187, is home to some of the best boarding schools in the Middle East. Despite limited resources, the Jordanian Ministry of Education has developed a highly advanced national curriculum used as a model by many countries in the region. Jordan ranks first in the Arab world in education. The Ministry of Education has also made computer literacy mandatory for students, particularly in scientific and mathematical courses.

To make an informed decision when selecting a boarding school in Jordan, consider researching tuition fees, curriculum, facilities, location, and reviews from other students. Through this research, you can assess the best boarding schools in Jordan and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Best Boarding Schools in Jordan

Discover the best boarding schools in Jordan. Find everything you need to know, including tuition, fees, curriculum, facilities, location, reviews, and more!

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