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Best International Schools in Kenya

International Schools are very popular in Kenya. Discover our selection of the Best International Schools in Kenya.

Why study in an International School in Kenya?

The choice of local and expat families

Unfortunately, many public schools in Kenya suffer from a lack of funding and a shortage of highly qualified teaching staff.

Thus, both expats and wealthy Kenyans frequently opt for private schooling or international schools. To be fair, one should add that most Kenyan families value their kids’ education very highly. They often make big sacrifices to send their children to a good school. Kenya has some extremely competitive government schools, where the local students with the best academic results go after primary education.

However, for expat kids who move a lot or will return to their home country soon, it’s probably easier to attend a school with an academic system that’s more widely recognized abroad than the Kenyan one.

If you spend a lot of time traveling outside Nairobi, you might want to check out the boarding options that quite a few schools in Kenya provide. The traffic jam in Nairobi also means that children may spend more time getting to school which makes boarding an option. For parents who work in countries in crisis, again there are safe boarding schools in Kenya especially in Nakuru.

Advantages to study in Kenya?

In addition, a few other advantages of studying in Kenya include:

  • Kenya’s international schools are some of the best in East Africa.
  • Kenya is big on sport in comparison to many countries in the region especially athletics, football, swimming and some international schools offer horse riding.
  • A good number of schools in Kenya have spacious grounds which is a good learning environment.
  • For Christians, Kenya is largely a Christian country so moral uprightness is very important
  • Kenya is famous for its flora and fauna which gives students a wide range of study tour opportunities.
  • Given Kenya’s rich history the international schools in Kenya have educational programmes and extra-curricular activities based on this heritage which include not just art but also music, dance and drama.
  • Kenyans are very proud of their language and love to see visitors or foreigners speak it and as such there are many opportunities to learn Kiswahili.
  • Due to Nairobi’s cosmopolitan nature, there is a great chance to meet people of different nationalities and enjoy different cuisines.

Our selection of the best international schools in Kenya

Schools in alphabetical order, no ranking:

Brookhouse is a co-educational day and boarding school for children aged 2 – 19, offering an adapted form of the British National Curriculum to Kenyan and international pupils. The pursuit of academic excellence is at the centre of our educational philosophy and approach. As a global member of the Round Square association of schools worldwide,…

  • Magadi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Co-Education
  • Day School|Boarding School
  • Number of students: 850
Yearly Tuition FEE (MIN) : $ 7,100
Yearly Tuition FEE (MAX) : $ 19,000

The International School of Kenya (ISK) is a private, non-profit PreK-Grade 12 school created in 1976 through a joint partnership between the governments of the United States and Canada. Nestled on 40 acres of a former coffee plantation, ISK serves the educational needs of both expatriate and Kenyan students who seek a challenging, North American…

  • Kirawa Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
  • CoEducational
  • Day School
  • Number of students: 870
Yearly Tuition FEE (MIN) :
Yearly Tuition FEE (MAX) :

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The popular schools can have long waiting lists. We advise you to apply early in order to secure places, so make sure, that you start investigating well in advance. Then start approaching the schools’ admissions offices or use the world schools request function.