This Month at TASIS: September 2021

From the return of students and faculty and a successful start of school to breathtaking hut hikes and inspired athletic competitions, we take a photo-driven look at the past month at TASIS.

 716-img2-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Welcome to the Team!

Our newest faculty members capped a very busy orientation week with a hike and swim in beautiful Valle Verzasca on August 22. The talented group of educators has taught in dozens of countries and adds a great deal of educational experience to the first-rate TASIS Faculty.

 716-img3-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

The Full Team Returns

Our entire faculty gathered in the Palestra on August 24 to begin more than a week of intense preparation for the 2021–2022 academic year.

 716-img4-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Prepared for Anything

Faculty orientation included divisional and departmental meetings, child protection and mental health seminars, institutional and individual goal setting, and refreshers on fire, safety, and security procedures.

 716-img5-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Launching a New Year

After a full week of orientation, our administration, faculty, and staff enjoyed a relaxing evening on the beautiful Villa De Nobili terrace. Colleagues enjoyed good food and drink and heard short welcoming words from Chairman of the Board Lynn Fleming Aeschliman, Dr. Michael Aeschliman, and Headmaster Chris Nikoloff.

 716-img6-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Campus Updates

Over the course of the summer, our hardworking Maintenance team oversaw many improvements to campus, including a new surface on the outdoor basketball courts, a new floor in the Palestra, updates to Villa De Nobili’s reception area, expansion of the security gazebo, and enhancements to several dormitories.

 716-img7-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Proctor Hike

Before they helped facilitate move-in day and student orientation, TASIS proctors launched their year with an overnight trip to an alpine lodge on August 28. The student leaders hiked along beautiful Lago Ritom, bonded over team-building activities, and spent a night in Capanna Cadagno.

 716-img8-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Move-In Day!

We were thrilled to welcome boarding students back to campus on August 30. It didn’t take long for the boarders to make new friends, reconnect with old acquaintances, and settle into TASIS dorm life.

 716-img9-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Precautionary Measures

To ensure a safe start to school, all students were required to submit a negative Covid-19 test certificate before attending any classes. All boarding students were tested in our on-campus testing center upon arrival while day students submitted test results to our Health Office.

 716-img10-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

A Warm TASIS Welcome

In the days leading up to the start of school, day families from all divisions visited campus to attend informational sessions and to meet teachers and advisors as part of our orientation program. On September 1, Headmaster Chris Nikoloff addressed Elementary School families in the Palestra, which is newly resurfaced and is now emblazoned with the TASIS crest.

 716-img11-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Middle School Mentors

On September 1, sixth-grade students met their Middle School advisors and gathered in their groups for a first meeting.

Opening Day!

We officially opened the new academic year on September 2 with 684 students from 57 nations!

 716-img13-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Back at It

It was wonderful seeing students from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 back on campus!

 716-img14-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Up for the Challenge

On the first Sunday of the new school year, a group of High School students tackled the beautiful but challenging San Salvatore via ferrata. Other activities offered that weekend included visits to Valle Verzasca, the Bellinzona Castles, and Lake Lugano. 

 716-img15-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Calculating Gravity

High School students in Mr. Jerald Bleckel’s AP Physics class performed an experiment from a top-floor window of the state-of-the-art Campo Science Center on September 7.

 716-img16-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Making Lasting Memories

High School students spent the evening of September 10 cruising around Lake Lugano as the sun set over Ticino.

 716-img17-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Catching Eyes (and Birds) Since the 1600s

Two High School students passed by Casa Fleming and its iconic tower on September 14. Constructed in the 17th century, “the tower on Casa Fleming was built for the purpose of netting tiny wild birds, a delicacy of the area,” wrote Former TASIS Admissions Director Alice Lytel in 1989. “Considering the early date of the Villa, however, and the political situation in nearby Italy in the 1600s, one is led to conjecture that the tower may also have been a fine place to observe anyone who may have been coming in the distance.”

Morning on the Hill of Gold

The Casa Fleming tower is also a fine place to observe a Lugano sunrise!

 716-img19-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Service to Others

High School students had a chance to learn about the many global and local service opportunities available to them at TASIS during a service learning fair in the Palestra on September 15.

 716-img20-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

A Dash of Honesty and a Pinch of Responsibility 

What ingredients make up a brilliant fifth-grade student? Students in Ms. Amy Shields and Ms. Danelle Kritzinger’s classes wrote recipes and shared their handiwork during an outdoor publishing party on September 15.

 716-img21-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Champions of the Palestra

The JV Girls Volleyball team hosted our first home athletics competition of the fall season in the Palestra on September 18—and went on to win the tournament!

An Unscheduled Campus Tour

Oh, deer! We weren’t expecting a buck to make an evening visit to campus earlier this month.

 716-img23-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

A Welcoming Community

TASIS parents were delighted to gather with Chairman of the Board Lynn Aeschliman, Headmaster Chris Nikoloff, and Director of Institutional Advancement Bill Eichner for the annual TASIS Parent Association (TPA) Welcome Luncheon in the Casa Fleming garden on September 23. 

 716-img24-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Gelato on Demand

Students grabbed some afternoon snacks from a favorite neighborhood spot after school on September 23.

 716-img25-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Phonics Fun

Ms. Milena Sindona’s third-grade Italian class worked through a phonics lesson on September 24.

 716-img26-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Outdoor Readers

Sunny weather on September 24 made for an enjoyable reading period for students in grades 6–8.

 716-img27-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Mirroring Miró

On September 24, 7th-grade students in Ms. Simona Bellini’s Arte Italiana class continued to work on their paintings that imitated the unique artistic style of Joan Miró, an accomplished 20th-century Spanish painter.

 716-img28-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

TASIS Speedsters

The Middle School Boys Cross Country team ran away from the competition at a Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS) meet hosted by Inter-Community School Zurich on September 25. The top three Tiger runners placed first, third, and fourth overall to earn the team championship trophy.

 716-img29-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Bringing Home the Hardware

The High School Cross Country team also found success at the SGIS meet, earning trophies in every category of competition the team raced.

 716-img30-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Building Dorm Spirit

Students in the De Nobili and Monticello dorms spent the weekend of September 25 hiking and staying in alpine huts. Girls from the Monticello dorm hiked and stayed near San Bernardino Pass while boys from the De Nobili dorm explored the Lago Ritom area.

 716-img31-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

Show and Tell

Pre-Kindergarten students began their day on September 27 by sharing some of their favorite things with the class. Some favorites included butterflies, chocolate, and playing the drums. 

 716-img32-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021


First-grade students have set a goal of reading as many books as possible by the end of the year. On the morning of September 27, students in Ms. Natasha Koltypin’s class selected a stack of books and got to work.

 716-img33-This-month-at-TASIS-September-2021 This Month at TASIS: September 2021

The Road to College

TASIS parents joined our excellent College Counseling team for lunch and a panel discussion about “The Road to College” on the beautiful outdoor terrace at Villa Principe Leopoldo on September 28. The featured guests shared information about the college counseling support offered at TASIS and answered questions about admissions testing, college admissions processes around the world, and other topics of interest.

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