John Maeda, Vice-President of Artificial Intelligence and Design at Microsoft, inaugurates the school year at The Global College

John Maeda, a thought leader in the technology and design world, who currently is the Vice-President of Artificial Intelligence & Design at Microsoft, gave an inspiring speech at The Global College in September. It was an insightful and impressive talk about the importance of being “makers” and bringing the “making” and business worlds together. For Maeda, it is essential to “get your hands dirty” to be able to understand businesses and lead teams.

During his captivating talk, Maeda highlighted the importance of acquiring a “maker” mindset in our students. He inspired them to take the lead in developing innovative solutions for the complex challenges that exist in both the corporate and social worlds.

The discussion went beyond simple encouragement. He talked about the potential of leveraging Artificial Intelligence as a powerful tool for learning. He stressed that AI should not be seen as a replacement for human creativity but as a tool—a catalyst that can amplify their creative abilities and strengthen their design thinking skills. Our students gained a valuable glimpse into the potential of technology to shape education.

During Maeda’s visit to our campus, he stopped at the Computer Science Lab and the Arts Hub, stating that this college “is like going to the future”, due to our innovative teaching approach and the learning environment.

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