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The Best International Schools in Albania

International Schools are very popular in Albania. Discover our selection of The Best International Schools in Albania.

International Schools in Albania

Why choose an International School?
Moving abroad with a school-age child and starting a new life in another country can be daunting. Therefore, when moving to another country, it would be helpful for parents to know which are the schools that can provide a first-class education to their children. Thanks to International Schools and their globally recognized curricula (British, American or International Baccalaureate), your child will get a first-class education regardless of the country you are relocating to.

Are there international schools in Albania?
Global awareness counts, but what counts more is to make sure your child will study in a safe and caring learning environment that promotes both his social and intellectual development. There is a wide range of International Schools where your child can thrive, learn and achieve academic success in line with the international education standards and they are becoming more and more popular in the country.

What’s the quality of life in Albania?
Although it is not a popular destination for expats, they seem to appreciate the nice weather, the beautiful beaches and the low cost of living. Furthermore, as the central government has been working hard to rehabilitate the country’s economy and global image, both foreign businesses and the tourism industry are rapidly expanding and are creating some employment opportunities.

Best International Schools in Albania

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