How to get Canadian Study Permits: Do’s and Don’ts

Every year, Canada welcomes over half a million foreign students from around the world. The process of applying for a study permit will vary greatly from one country to another and as such, we’ve prepared a very basic do’s and don’ts on the process of applying for a study permit.


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  • DO- Verify Whether You Need a Study Permit or Not

Foreign nationals are required to obtain a study permit for a program that is more than 6 months in total duration at a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. To qualify under this study permit exemption, the entire program should be completed within six months or less.

Students at preschool level (pre-kindergarten), those attending general interest course and distance learning programs do not require a study permit.

  • DO Ensure That Your School Is Authorized to Enroll International Students.

Immigration has a list of Designated Learning Institution (DLI) which are eligible to accept international students. All primary and secondary schools in Canada are designated learning institutions.

  • DO – Demonstrate Sufficient Funds to Study in Canada.

Ideally you should provide a copy of your bank statements for the past four months, however, alternatives methods to support the funds’ sufficiency also exist.

  • DO – Ensure to Have a Canadian Custodian If You Are a Minor Child

In the case of a minor child (usually below 18 years old), the officer must be satisfied that adequate arrangements are in place for the care and support of the child while in Canada if the minor child is not accompanied by at least one parent.


Canadian-Study-Permits---fulford-academy-03  How to get Canadian Study Permits: Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO NOT – Misrepresent

Misrepresentation is a serious matter. Always disclose the truth to avoid serious problems.

  • DO NOT – Take the Process of Applying for a Study Permit Lightly

Officers are flooded with applications and sadly, yours is only one of so many. Visa Officers do not have a lot of time to review your application thoroughly, therefore you should not leave it to the Officer to make assumptions. Provide all required documents in a concise way to ensure you can address any concerns a visa officer may have.

  • DO NOT – Take the Chance to Come to Canada to Apply for Your Study Permit from Within the Country

The process of applying for your initial study permit from within Canada directly is limited to a few exemptions. You should always verify whether you can apply for your study permit from within Canada prior to coming here.

Written By Guest Contributor and Legal Partner of Fulford Academy: Marc-Andre Ranger. With over 18 years of immigration experience, Marc-Andre Ranger is a Partner at Immetis Legal Services where he manages all the firm’s temporary immigration case processing.

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