The Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition at EIM

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The PYP exhibition is an important event in the lives of the students in their final year of primary school.

It allows students to demonstrate the qualities of the learner profile developed throughout their school career. It also gives them the opportunity to conduct cross-curricular research on a topic that they define themselves at the beginning of the school year. Each student becomes responsible for their own learning: they are independent and conduct in-depth research with the support of the educational team and their parents.

In May 2021, the EIM students presented their exhibition on the theme of the planet via videoconference to the school community. Despite the stress of the moment, they were able to express themselves on a subject that was close to their hearts: pollution and its consequences on the planet. They feel concerned by this subject; they were able to raise awareness through their research and propose solutions.

The students used computers for their presentation. This tool allowed them to gather information, organize their research and, most importantly, to set up their exhibition and present it to us.

This exhibition allowed the students to celebrate the end of primary school and the transition to secondary school. We can only congratulate them for their real motivation, their research and finally, for their wonderful achievements.

Students’ reactions (grade 5)

“I had to overcome my stress”,

“I am proud of myself”

“My friends supported me and I was able to present my exhibition”

“My audience listened to me”

“I am too happy with my work”

“I learned a lot during my research”

Audience’s comments (grade 4)

“It’s interesting because you can learn a lot”

“They did a lot of research. So I congratulate them because it was hard”

“I want to do it”

“They worked hard”

“I learned a lot”

“You learn to be creative and to use the computer”

Future 5th graders are already thinking about the theme they will present in 2022. Some have already started to gather information. We can only encourage them to continue in this direction. Their enthusiasm and motivation will allow them to become the actors of their learning within the IB programme.

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Ecole Internationale Montgomery

Ecole Internationale Montgomery

EIM is a close-knit multicultural community that promotes academic and personal growth of students in a warm setting in the heart of the European capital. Critical thinking, commitment, and initiative are the pillars of their education in the classroom, as well as in their ties with the local and global community. EIM offer academic rigour and student personal development, through the structure of the IB system.