How to Make New Friends: The Fulford Academy Way

Coming into a new learning environment, we make sure students feel comfortable and supported, right from the very start.

The House System
When students first arrive at Fulford Academy, they are introduced to our House System and assigned a staff Advisor. Each student is placed into one of six Houses, where they work together as a team to complete various games and tasks throughout the year. Each House competes against each other in a fun and inclusive way, and is meant to teach Fulford Academy students teamwork, leadership and helps them make lifelong friendships. Students are also be assigned an advisor, who they meet with on a regular basis.

Building Our Family-Like Atmosphere
One aspect at Fulford Academy that we do right away with our students is to foster a family-like atmosphere with students and staff. This is our students home away from home, and the House system is designed to quickly bring our family-like energy at the beginning of each school year and summer session.
Not only are students placed in a House, so are all staff. This allows for students to get to know not only their teachers, they will get to know their advisors and the administration team also. The head of the student’s House communicates with the parents and is the contact person if they would like to find out anything additional about their son or daughter.

Advisor System
As part of students learning and growing through Fulford Academy staff, we have our advisor system. Students get paired up with a Fulford Academy staff member, whether it is a teacher, a residential advisor, a member of our administration team or management team and have weekly meetings with their assigned Advisor.
The student’s advisor is the go-to person for students if they need anything, have feedback or just need to talk. This helps students feel at home. Feedback from Advisors are included in each student’s report card so that families can also see updates.

Spirit Games
At the beginning of each year or summer session, we have Spirit Games! These are a series of inclusive and interactive games that create a friendly competition between each House. Activities include a photo day, where different Houses compete against each other to make the most creative and dynamic group photo, using their House colour.

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Challenges Throughout the Year
Each House competes by collecting the most points throughout the year. The points are tracked by our Residential Life team and you can see a live tracker on the Fulford Academy Residence Life website page.

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