University Bound? Why A Levels are a Great Choice for Students Planning on Attending Uni

A Levels are often regarded as the gold standard for university applications, so we’re going to look at why they are a great option.

A Levels are internationally recognised qualifications, based on the British curriculum, that allow access to almost all universities or professional training courses around the world. As an international school sending students to top global institutions for higher education this recognition is an important consideration.

It’s not just about the global recognition of A Levels. They are subject-based qualifications that allow students to focus on the subjects they enjoy most and perform best in. Students typically study 3-4 subjects which allows them to focus on specific areas and gain deeper knowledge, often leading to targeted careers, such as medicine.

Having said this, students can also choose any combination of subjects and combine it with the International Project Qualification (IPQ) which allows them to do a project on any topic of their choosing. When considered alongside the array of co-curricular options available students can gain an exceptional degree of variety.

The flexibility of A-levels also allows students to devise a programme of study that suits them. This means preparation for SAT, BMAT/UCAT, IELTS, and other university requirements is much more manageable than with other systems.

Students who have studied A Levels often find the transition to university courses easier, as they have explored their key subjects in more depth. Many US colleges give credits to A-level students in recognition of how advanced they are.

Rugby School Thailand’s Sixth Form offers students a comprehensive selection of co-curricular activities and university preparation courses alongside A Levels. This means that students not only finish their school career with great grades, university offers, and an understanding of their career path, but they also have diverse interests and a good understanding of the world they are going to live in.

To find out more about our unique Sixth Form, join us at our Sixth Form open evening on Monday 7th December. The event will also be shown on Facebook Livestream for those who cannot join in person.

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