The Culture of Singapore: How to Interact with a Diverse Population

Singapore is a melting pot known for its diverse population and its welcoming atmosphere. Expatriate families from around the world have found themselves moving to this community for a period of time, whether it is several months or several years. One of their main concerns is fitting into this new community and finding a way to feel at home in Singapore.

These tips will help you and your family interact with the people who live in Singapore:

Learn the language

There are many languages spoken in Singapore, with one of the most common being English. This is good news for many families, who speak English as a first or second language. In addition, there are opportunities for the children of expatriates to learn new languages. One World International School offers Mandarin classes for all students from the age of 3 years old.

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Immerse yourself in the community

Find a micro-community that helps you feel more comfortable in Singapore and can support you when you’re missing home. Many families find that sending their children to an international school allows them to feel familiar amid a new setting. One World International School, for example, has a student population comprised of international students from over 65 different nationalities.

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Explore the city

The best way to settle in and to get a feel for the local culture is to get out and about within the city. There are many family-friendly attractions in Singapore as well as a variety of day trips to enjoy on the weekends.

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While it can be overwhelming to move to a new country and find your place, it can be made a lot easier when you discover the right school for your child. One World International School provides your child with a consistent curriculum, one that will allow for a seamless transition from their country of origin. It also gives your child a new community where they can feel welcome and at ease, which in turn gives you a place to call your own.

For more information on how One World International School is the right choice for your expatriate experience in Singapore, contact us today.

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