School Holidays in Singapore in 2020

Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in Singapore?  Learn more about the school holidays in Singapore!

Here is what you need to know about Singapore school holidays 2020 and school terms for primary and secondary schools, JC and MI.

School Holidays in Singapore 2020

*All dates are subject to errors and changes

New Year’s Day01-01-2020 
Chinese New Yearfrom 25-01-2020
to 28-01-2020
Monday, 27 Jan, will be a public holiday & Tuesday, 28 Jan, will be a school holiday
Break between Terms I & IIfrom 14-03-2020
to 22-03-2020
Good Friday10-04-2020 
Labour Day01-05-2020 
Vesak Day07-05-2020 
Hari Raya Puasafrom 24-05-2020
to 25-05-2020
Break between Semesters I & IIfrom 30-05-2020
to 28-06-2020
Youth Day06-07-2020 
Hari Raya Haji31-07-2020 
National Dayfrom 09-08-2020
to 10-08-2020
Teachers’ Day04-09-2020 
Break between Terms III & IVfrom 05-09-2020
to 13-09-2020
Children’s Day09-10-2020For primary schools and primary sections of full schools only
Deepavalifrom 14-11-2020
to 16-11-2020
Break at End of School Yearfrom 21-11-2020
to 31-12-2020

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