School Holidays in India in 2020

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Suppose you or a family member is attending one of the best international schools in India. In that case, it is essential to know that Indian and international schools have different calendars. The Indian school calendar generally starts in May or June and ends in March, with breaks for Diwali, Dussehra, and Christmas in between. In contrast, international schools follow a Western academic calendar, which starts in August and ends in June, with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring.

Please note that the list below only includes national holidays, and state holidays are not included.

Here are the school holidays in India for 2020. Please note that all dates are subject to errors and changes.

Holiday | Date | Notes
— | — | —
Republic Day | 26-01-2020 |
Eid al-Fitr | 05-06-2020 |
Independence Day | 15-08-2020 |
Gandhi Jayanti | 02-10-2020 | Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday
Diwali | 15-11-2020 |
Christmas Day | 25-12-2020 |