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School holidays in Switzerland 2019-20

Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in Switzerland?  Learn more about the school holidays in Switzerland!
The school calendar dates in Switzerland are determined by the cantons and communes and they vary from region to region.

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School holidays in Switzerland 2019-20

*All dates are subject to errors and changes

Holiday Date Regions
All Saints’ Day 01-11-2019 National except AR, BL, BS, BE, GE, GR, NE, SH, TG, VD, ZH
Christmas Holidays from 23-12-2019
to 06-01-2020
Sports Holidays from 10-02-2020
to 21-02-2020
St. Joseph’s Day 19-03-2020 GR, LU, NW, SZ, TI, UR, VS
Näfelser Fahrt 02-04-2020 GL
Spring Holidays from 09-04-2020
to 24-04-2020
Labour Day 01-05-2020 BL, BS, JU, LU, NE, SH, SO, TG, TI, ZH
Ascension Holidays from 21-05-2020
to 22-05-2020
Whit Monday 01-06-2020 National except NE, SO, VS, ZG
Corpus Christi 11-06-2020 National except AR, BL, BS, BE, GE, GL, NE, SH, SG, TG, VD, ZH
Independence of Jura 23-06-2020 JU
St. Peter and St. Paul 29-06-2020 GR, TI
Summer Holidays from 13-07-2020
to 14-08-2020
Jeûne genevois 10-09-2020 GE
Day after the Federal Fast 21-09-2020 VD
St. Mauritius 22-09-2020 AI
Brother Klaus Festival 25-09-2020 OW
Immaculate Conception 08-12-2020 AG, AI, FR, GR, LU, NW, OW, SZ, TI, UR, VS, ZG
Christmas Eve 24-12-2020 GL
Christmas Day 25-12-2020 National
St. Stephen’s Day 26-12-2020 National except GE, JU, NE, SO, VS, VD, ZG
New Year’s Eve 31-12-2020 GL
Restoration Day 31-12-2020 GE

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All cantons in Switzerland
The cantons of Switzerland (German: kanton, French: canton, Italian: cantone, Romansh: chantun) are the member states of the Swiss Confederation.

Aargau (AG)
Appenzell – Appenzell Ausserrhoden (AR) / Appenzell Innerrhoden (AI)
Basel – Basel Stadt (BS) / Basel Land (BL)
Bern / Berne (BE)
Freiburg / Fribourg (FR)
Genève (GE)
Glarus (GL)
Graubünden (GR)
Jura (JU)
Luzern (LU)
Neuchâtel (NE)
Sankt Gallen (SG)
Schaffhausen (SH)
Solothurn (SO)
Schwyz (SZ)
Thurgau (TG)
Ticino (TI)
Unterwalden – Obwalden (OW) / Nidwalden (NW)
Uri (UR)
Valais / Wallis (VS)
Vaud (VD)
Zug (ZG)
Zürich (ZH)