School Holidays in South Korea in 2019

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Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in South Korea?  Learn more about the school holidays in South Korea! The South Korean school year is divided into two semesters: The first semester from March to mid-July, and the second one from August to mid-February. School holidays in South Korea consist of religious and cultural celebrations. School Holidays in South Korea in 2019

  • Winter Holidays: Mid December – End of January. 
  • Spring break: A one or two week/s holiday in late February
  • Summer Holidays: Mid July – Mid August. About 1 month
  • Other Holidays: In South Korea are also celebrated a couple of 3–5 day long holidays per year, such as “Chuseok” also called “Korean Thanksgiving Day” in Fall and “Seolnal” in late Winter.

Holidays in South Korea in 2019 Would you like to know more about bank holidays in South Korea? Have a look of our calendar below!

Date Holiday
1 Jan New Year’s Day
4 Feb Seollal Holiday
5 Feb Seollal
6 Feb Seollal Holiday
1 Mar Independence Movement Day
1 May Labor Day
5 May Children’s Day
12 May Buddha’s Birthday
6 Jun Memorial Day
15 Aug Liberation Day
12 Sep Chuseok Holiday
13 Sep Chuseok
14 Sep Chuseok Holiday
3 Oct National Foundation Day
9 Oct Hangeul Proclamation Day
25 Dec Christmas Day