School Holidays March 15, 2019

School Holidays in Italy in 2019


Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in Italy?  Learn more about the school holidays in Italy!

In Italy, most school holidays are determined by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, and are valid for all public schools of every order and grade. Locally, school authorities have freedom upon the establishment of the lessons calendar to grant further vacation days on important local festivals.

Main School Holidays in Italy in 2019

  • Christmas holidays: All regions from 23-12-2018 to 6-1-2019
  • Easter holidays:  All regions from 18-04-2019 to 24-04-2019
  • Summer holidays: From 8-6-2019 to 19-09-2019 * Start- and end date may vary a bit per region
  • Christmas holidays 2019 All regions from 24-12-2019 to 6-1-2020
  • Other holidays include one day on December 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception), one or two days for November 1  (All Saints), the national holidays of April 25 (Liberation day) and June 2 (Republic Day), as well as the Workers’ Day (May

Would you like to know more about bank holidays in Italy? Have a look of our calendar below *All dates are subject to change. Small differences by region are possible.

Holidays in Italy in 2019

Date Holiday 
1 Jan New Year’s Day
6 Jan Epiphany
30 Mar Good Friday
1 Apr Easter Day
2 Apr Easter Monday
25 Apr Liberation Day
25 Apr The Feast of St Mark
1 May Labor Day / May Day
2 Jun Republic Day
15 Aug Assumption of Mary / Ferragosto
1 Nov All Saints’ Day
8 Dec Feast of the Immaculate Conception
25 Dec Christmas Day