School Holidays in Hong Kong in 2019

Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in Hong Kong? Would you like to know more about the many observances and the main holidays in Hong Kong during the years 2018-2019?

Have a look of our calendar and celebrate wherever you are in the world!

The school year in Hong Kong usually begins in August and ends in June and consists of three, 3-month terms.

Main School Holidays in Hong Kong in 2019

  • Christmas Holidays: a three-week holiday (December and January).
  • Spring Half-term Break: a one-week holiday in the spring term for Chinese New Year (February). February 4-11, 2019
  • Easter Holidays: a two-week holiday (March/April). April 15-23, 2019
  • Summer Holidays: a six-week break at the end of the school year (end of June) June 28, 2019
  • Autumn Half-term Break: a one-week holiday in the autumn (October/November).

Holidays in Hong Kong in 2019

Date Holiday
1 Jan New Year’s Day
5-7 January Lunar New Year
5 Apr Ching Ming Festival
19 Apr Good Friday
20 Apr Holy Saturday
22 Apr Easter Monday
1 May Labour Day
13 May Buddha’s Birthday
7 Jun Dragon Boat Tuen Ng Festival
1 Jul Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
14 Sep Day following the Mid Autumn Festival
1 Oct National Day
7 Oct Chung Yeung Festival
25 Dec Christmas Day