School Holidays in Thailand in 2019

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Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in Thailand? Would you like to know more about the many observances and the main holidays in Thailand during the years 2018-2019?

Have a look of our calendar and celebrate wherever you are in the world!

Main School Holidays in Thailand

  • Term 1 Break : 14 December 2018 – 6 Jan 2019
  • Half-Term Holiday: 15th February 2019 – 24th February 2019
  • Term 2 Break: 5th April 2019 – 21st April 2019
  • Term 3 End: Friday 27th June 2019

Main Holidays in Thailand

Date Holiday
1-Jan New Year’s Day
12-Jan National Children’s Day
16-Jan Teachers’ Day
5-Feb Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day
6-Feb Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year
7-Feb Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year
14-Feb Valentine’s Day
19-Feb Makha Bucha
20-Mar March Equinox
5-Apr Chakri Day observed
6-Apr Chakri Day
13-Apr Songkran
14-Apr Songkran
15-Apr Songkran
16-Apr Songkran observed
17-Apr Songkran observed
1-May Labor Day
21-Jun June Solstice
17-Jul Asalha Bucha
28-Jul King Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday
12-Aug The Queen’s Birthday
12-Aug Mother’s Day
23-Sep September Equinox
13-Oct Anniversary of the Death of King Bhumibol
14-Oct Anniversary of the Death of King Bhumibol observed
23-Oct Chulalongkorn Day
31-Oct Halloween
13-Nov Loy Krathong
5-Dec Father’s Day
10-Dec Constitution Day
22-Dec December Solstice
24-Dec Christmas Eve
25-Dec Christmas Day
31-Dec New Year’s Eve