School holidays in South Korea in 2020

School holidays in South Korea in 2020
January 30, 2020

Are you or one of your family members attending one of The Best International Schools in South Korea? Learn more about the School Holidays in South Korea in 2020!

The school calendar has two semesters, the first extending from March through July and the second from September through February. There are summer and winter breaks, but 10 optional half days at the beginning and end of each break (which are attended by practically all students) reduce each of these biennial vacations to the remaining 10 days.

South Korea has 11 official holidays a year. And the biggest holidays are Seollal (Lunar New Year’s day) and Chuseok (Similar to Thanksgiving day).

School holidays in South Korea 2020

*All dates are subject to errors and changes

Holiday Date Notes
Winter holidays from 16-12-2019
to 05-01-2020
Seol-nal Holiday from 24-01-2020
to 27-01-2020
Lunar New Year
March 1st movement 01-03-2020 Independence Movement Day
Spring break from 30-03-2020
to 04-04-2020
Arbor Day 05-04-2020
National Assembly Election Day 15-04-2020
Buddha’s Birthday 30-04-2020 8th day of 4th lunar month
Labor Day 01-05-2020 Not an official holiday but widely observed
Children’s Day 05-05-2020
Parents’ Day 08-05-2020
Teacher’s Day 15-05-2020
Memorial Day 06-06-2020
Constitution Day 17-07-2020
Summer break from 22-06-2020
to 31-08-2020
Liberation Day 15-08-2020
Chuseok from 30-09-2020
to 02-10-2020
Harvest Moon Festival
National Foundation Day 03-10-2020
Hangeul Proclamation Day 09-10-2020
Christmas Eve 24-12-2020
Christmas Day 25-12-2020
New Year’s Eve 31-12-2020

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