School Holidays in Malaysia in 2019

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The school holidays in Malaysia are determined by the Ministry of Education, and they are usually released at the end of the academic year. The school holidays vary depending on the location, with the MOE dividing them into two sections – Kumpulan A and Kumpulan B. National holidays are already included in the school break period, so they are not mentioned separately. Here are the school holiday dates in Malaysia for 2020:

– Term 1 School holidays: March 13th to March 22nd (Kumpulan A), March 14th to March 22nd (Kumpulan B).
– Mid-Year School holidays: May 22nd to June 6th (Kumpulan A), May 23rd to June 7th (Kumpulan B).
– Term 2 School holidays: July 24th to August 1st (Kumpulan A), July 25th to August 2nd (Kumpulan B).
– Year-End School holidays: November 20th to December 31st (Kumpulan A), November 21st to December 31st (Kumpulan B).