Professor Gunter Pauli’s special visit at Prefleuri

Gunter Pauli at Prefleuri: A Special Visit to Start the Year on the Right Tone

At Prefleuri International Alpin School, it is important for us to guide students towards an awareness of the need to preserve and protect our Planet. 

On Thursday, September 20th, Prefleuri had the honour of receiving Gunter Pauli who led a workshop for our students and gave a talk to our community of parents and friends. 

Gunter Pauli - prefleuri international alpin school

Entrepreneur and author of many books on sustainable development, his latest entitled “The Blue Economy 3.0” , Professor Pauli works towards the diffusion of truly sustainable solutions with a social dimension, particularly through books, conferences, and youth education. 

Gunter Pauli - prefleuri

Founder of more than a dozen companies in the field of business, culture, politics and the environment, he has published hundreds of children’s fables, sharing his vision of sustainable development with people of all ages. 

We share his approach to a society that meets the needs of people using what is locally available to them. We are very grateful to Mr. Pauli for his inspiring talk encouraging us to be bold and creative in our thinking and to push even further into the possibilities for sustainability at Prefleuri. 

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