Sticker Shock in Singapore: How to Spend Wisely as an Expatriate

Upon arriving in Singapore, you might be picking your jaw up from the floor when you look at the prices for basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. It’s true that the cost of living in Singapore is quite high, and leaves many expatriates with sticker shock. However, you won’t have to drain your entire savings during your stay in Singapore if you follow these simple tips.

Take Advantage of Free Entertainment

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A night on the town in Singapore can cost hundreds of dollars, with an average dinner costing in the region of $150 and the typical pair of movie tickets being about $25. An afternoon at a family-friendly attraction can also break the budget, between entrance fees, souvenirs and snacks along the way. Instead of paying too much just to avoid boredom, consider enjoying free entertainment options in Singapore such as the clean and welcoming parks that can be found throughout the city. 

Invest in the Right School

It sometimes feels like parents have to choose between what feels comfortable for their budget and what is best for their children. Luckily, if you are making an international move to Singapore, you have the opportunity to provide your child with a world-class education without breaking your budget. One World International School has earned a reputation of providing expatriate students with an excellent education, and it is known throughout Singapore as one of the most moderately priced schools of this calibre in the region.

Get Comfortable with the Public Transportation System

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Owning and operating a car in Singapore is a major expense, but luckily a car is not necessary while living here. Many expatriate families and their children find the public transportation system to be easy to navigate, convenient to use and remarkably inexpensive. OWIS can help you and your family feel settled and comfortable in Singapore. Not only do we offer high-quality education for a moderate price, but we also provide our international students with a community that feels like home. To learn more about the OWIS difference, contact us today.

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