Montreux International School, the First Fully Dedicated IBCP School in Europe

Montreux International School proudly distinguishes itself by solely specializing in the delivery of the innovative IBCP, International Baccalaureate Career Related Programme. This has allowed the school to give the proper attention and value to this progressive curriculum and become a beacon for students wishing to complete a career focused education.

The IBCP was developed in 2012 and is the newest curriculum provided by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) compared to its sister course, the IB Diploma which was developed back in 1975. At MIS, we believe the newer and most adapted curriculum is the IBCP providing students with the skills and experience necessary for the future of work. Our students are both World Ready and Career Ready and will become global citizens with a critical eye and global understanding of people and cultures. The CP curriculum allows students to gain relevant hands-on experience whilst having the academic rigor from the IB Diploma subjects. The format of learning by doing and continuous assessment gives the students invaluable theoretical and practical skills – the perfect combination. 

Students get to choose from a range of subjects and can therefore focus more in the areas they enjoy or have a passion for. This results in students being happier and more engaged in their learning with less stress to manage high grade averages in subject areas they struggle with or don’t like and therefore subjects which they would probably never use the skills gained from in their future careers.

The CP is highly recognized by Universities worldwide and is the fastest growing curriculum within the IB portfolio, as more and more schools adopt this new curriculum. Due to the career focus and specific subject areas, the IBCP also allows many students to benefit from advanced standing/credit recognition at university, providing an accelerated career pathway.

 690-img1-montreu-international-school-first-dedicated-ibcp-school-europe Montreux International School, the First Fully Dedicated IBCP School in Europe
Montreux International School

At Montreux International School, we currently offer two exciting pathways for students to choose from; Business & Digital Marketing is very popular at the moment as children and parents recognize the true value of such an education in the digital field. Business & Luxury Hospitality and Brand is the other option on offer, preparing students for the future skills needed in the fast-changing industry. Technology and experience are playing vital roles in the changing face of the hospitality industry and students need to be learning the skills for tomorrow in order to be best prepared for their careers. MIS students following the hospitality course will be in the right place at the right time when they graduate in order to enjoy and help shape the new norm for the industry.

Montreux International School is a forward thinking IB World School, delivering excellence for students aged 16-18, in Business & Digital Marketing and Business & Luxury Hospitality, through the innovative IBCP programme.

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