King’s College students widely exceed UK national averages in A Level results

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King’s College students widely exceed UK national averages in A Level results with a 22.42%A* grades!

While the UK national average indicators for the highest grades have dropped down to 7.7% this year (according to the latest data released), the students from King’s College schools, based in Worcestershire and in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Alicante and Murcia, have risen above the expected.

Thanks to the notable grades obtained by their students, both King’s College Madrid and King’s College Alicante will be sending graduates to top universities all over the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford, among others.

This achievement is particularly remarkable in the case of the non-native international students, who have achieved such great success in A Level examinations sat in their second language of English.

King’s College students from across the Group have widely exceeded UK national averages in all their A Level results. While the UK national grades have averagely dropped down to 7.7% A*, 25.2% A*-A and to a pass rate of 97.5%, King’s College students in both the UK and Spain have widely surpassed those percentages with a 22.42% A*, a 44.26% A*-A and a pass rate of 97.5%. These outstanding results, firmly position King’s College, once again, at the top of the British international schools ranking around the world.

The notable grades obtained by King’s College students will allow them to access some of the top universities in the world, including Oxford University and Cambridge University in the UK, Stanford University and University of California Berkeley in the USA, as well as ICADE, IE and Universidad Complutense de Madridamong many other notable and elite institutions. This achievement is particularly remarkable in the case of the non-native international students, who have achieved such great success in these A Level examinations, sat in their second language, English.

“Congratulations to all of our students for these excellent results. King’s is extremely proud to have helped them achieve their goals. It is extremely gratifying to see our students at King’s College are bucking the trend compared to UK national averages and in fact excel with these extremely high standards and results.” said Sir Roger Fry, founder and Chairman of King’s Group.
While the King’s Group Chief Academic Officer, Mr Nigel Fossey added “These outstanding results are a testimony to the hard work of our pupils and the very high standards of teaching at all of our schools. King´s students have received offers from world class universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford.”

Results highlights
For yet another year, King’s College students over the world have obtained impressive results in their exams, setting even higher standards than those that which preceded them. Looking closely at each of the schools, some of the most notable evidences of this exceptional performance are:

  • Students from King’s College Madrid have gained access to 20 of the world leading Russell Group of UK universities, including the University of Oxford, University College London and Imperial College London. This means that 2019 is the year when the highest ever number of our students from Madrid go on to this elite group of universities.
  • In King’s College Alicante 90% of the applicants have gained a place in one of the top 30 UK universities, according to the World University Rankings 2019, 50% of them being one of the top 10 of this same ranking. Furthermore, King’s College Alicante achieved King’s highest A* quota with a record 25%. Especially remarkable are the achievements of two of the students, who have gained a place in Cambridge University, qualified as the 2nd best university in the world.
  • In the case of King’s College Murcia, the students have shown an impressive performance achieving a remarkable A* rating of 16.46%.
  • Sixth Formers from King’s College Saint Michaels attained a stellar 100% pass rate, and have obtained an admirable 38.1% A*-A grades.
  • “These excellent results play testament to all the hard work and dedication of our teaching staff, support staff and of course the students themselves. A Level examinations allow our students access to universities all over the world and to see our graduates accessing such elite institutions is just remarkable and something that makes all of us at King’s extremely proud.” added Elena Benito, King’s Group CEO

    About King’s Group
    Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, King’s Group is one of the most prestigious educational institutions internationally, currently operating a total of 10 schools in the UK, Spain (Madrid, Alicante, Murcia and Elche), Germany (Frankfurt), Latvia (Riga) and Panama (Panama City). The Group was founded in 1969 by Sir Roger Fry, knighted in 2012 by Queen Elizabeth II for promoting British education internationally.

    King’s College schools offer pupils a quality British education based on the National Curriculum of England & Wales, which emphasises strong academic values through experiential learning. Pupils from the age of 18 months to 18 years old are taught by native British and UK trained teachers. The educational model of the schools is characterised by its rigorous, broad and balanced curriculum, its interdisciplinary approach and its emphasis on practical learning, creativity and the active participation of students.

    Testament to the exceptional academic and pastoral standards that the schools embed is the recent recognition as “Private Education Group of the Year” by Education Investor, one of the sectors most prestigious publications.

    Moreover, King’s College schools in Spain are the only schools in their respective regions to offer a British Curriculum from 18 months to 18 years accredited by the Department for Education (DfE) as ‘”Excellent” in every category.

    To be recognised by the DfE, a British school overseas (BSO) must have an inspection report which shows that their performance against all the BSO standards is at least satisfactory. This reflects the standards required for continuing registration as a school in England. Following a successful BSO inspection, schools are allocated a unique reference number on the UK’s national school reference system, Edubase.

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King's College, The British School of Latvia

King's College, The British School of Latvia

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