King’s College School La Moraleja, recognised as a High-Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School

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The school is the first in Spain to achieve this recognition, granted by the High Performance Learning (HPL) organisation in the UK.

King’s College School, La Moraleja has become the first High-Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School in Spain. The accreditation, granted by the prestigious High Performance Learning (HPL) organisation in the UK, recognises “schools at the forefront of educational thinking with exceptional outcomes for students” and acknowledges King’s College School’s “exceptional level of education”.

“We believed that, having achieved consecutive inspections graded as ‘Outstanding’, the time had come for us to take the next step in our journey to excellence. High Performance Learning provided us with the framework and philosophy for this stage in our development and ties in perfectly with my vision for the school of balancing student wellbeing with excellent academic outcomes”, said June Donnan, Headteacher at King’s College School La Moraleja.

High Performance Learning (HPL) is a research-based, pedagogy-led philosophy. It sees all students as potential high performers who are not limited by ‘ability’. HPL makes the goal of high performance the expectation for all students in the school and uses a unique teaching and learning framework to systematically grow minds and develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed to reach success.

King’s College School’s HPL journey began in Term 1 of the 2018 – 2019 academic school year, with the development of a 2 year road map that included the appointment of 5 HPL Student Ambassadors. Today, HPL is integrated and systematised in school life and has improved teacher’s pedagogy and student’s academic attainment.

The 2-year Award Scheme provides a systematic transformational change process which enables a school to embed the HPL philosophy and framework and reach the standards required of HPL World Class Schools. It focuses on building existing good practice to embed the philosophy that every student can perform highly for improving student outcomes.

“I would like to thank the entire school community for their commitment and dedication to this educational philosophy. It is clear that, regardless of geographical or educational background, students at King’s College School achieve excellent academic outcomes. This award rightly places us at the forefront of education both in Spain and around the world. The staff, students and parents deserve great credit and recognition for their achievements”, said Jeremy Newton, Deputy Headteacher at King’s College School, La Moraleja.

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King's College, The British School of Latvia

King's College, The British School of Latvia

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