EIM Celebrates its IB Diploma Programme 5-year anniversary!

We are very proud to celebrate our 5th anniversary as an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme School. Joining a legacy of IB World Schools represents a true milestone for us.

We would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents who contributed to the successful evaluation process. 

We believe that the IB programmes best prepare students for our ever-changing society. It is not only focused on a rigorous and challenging academic programme, but it also has a strong focus on students’ personal growth through the development of their soft-skills (communication, social, time-management, etc.) and their engagement in the local and global community. 

 507_img1_EIM-celebrates-its-IB-diploma-programme-5-year-anniversary EIM Celebrates its IB Diploma Programme 5-year anniversary!
EIM celebrates the 5th anniversary as an IB Diploma Programme School

At EIM, we pride ourselves on offering either the fully anglophone programme or the bilingual programme, in which students will study some subjects in English and others in French. The students who choose this programme will be perfectly prepared for university studies in either anglophone or francophone regions of the world. 

Being a small school, the students benefit from learning in a tight-knit environment with dynamic teachers who are devoted to their students’ education. The students also enjoy being in town, allowing them to enjoy educational field trips on a regular basis and to connect with the local community very easily. 

We will continue to develop our programme as we grow and continue to prepare our students for a bright future. 

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