Dwight Global Online School Celebrates No. 2 Newsweek Rating

Dwight Global Online School has received worldwide recognition for its excellence as a private, accredited online high school, ranking No. 2 on Newsweek’s listing of the 50 best online high schools in the United States.

Newsweek highlighted the independent school’s founding in 2014 as well as its connection to Dwight School—a merger of two schools dating back to 1872 and named after Yale University’s 12th president, Timothy Dwight. Dwight School was the first school in the Americas to offer the four International Baccalaureate programs.

Newsweek noted Dwight Global’s opportunities for online students to participate in in-person academic, leadership, and creative programs. These include a fall orientation and a STEAM exploration weekend at Dwight’s flagship New York City campus, as well as music, theater, and other collaborations and competition at Dwight’s London, Seoul, Shanghai, and Dubai campuses.

“With more Americans turning their attention to online school choices, this is an especially meaningful recognition,” said Louisa Childs, Head of Dwight Global Online School. “I am equally proud that Dwight Global is also ranked as the second most diverse private school in New York State. We have much to celebrate!”

The Newsweek rankings were compiled by Niche.com, and based on rigorous analysis of academic and student life data from the U.S. Department of Education, along with test scores, college data, and ratings collected from millions of Niche users.

Choice and flexibility are hallmarks of Dwight Global, which has more than 250 students from 26 countries around the world. Many students are professional actors, top ballet dancers, and elite athletes who train, travel, perform, and compete globally year round. These students require time outside the typical school day schedule to pursue their passions.

For example, Remie Suvanto, Dwight Global’s 2021 valedictorian, excelled academically while also dancing pre-professionally at a ballet company. “Dwight Global is unique in allowing students to pursue their professions,” said Remie. “I loved my classes yet had the flexibility to dance, and I feel lucky to have been able to do that as a high school student.”

Dwight Global’s rigorous online school offers the IB Diploma Program, IB, AP, Honors, and standard-level courses. Students are able to enroll full-time or take individual courses on a part-time basis.

 674-img1-Dwight-global-online-school-celebrates-no-2-newsweek-rating Dwight Global Online School Celebrates No. 2 Newsweek Rating

Dwight Global’s commitment to building relationships and a strong community are other hallmarks of the school. In addition to in-class, small-group project work, students take advantage of a house system that fosters friendships and friendly competition, and countless clubs and service projects that bring students together to pursue shared interests.

Dwight Global students also benefit from comprehensive college counseling beginning in 9th grade. The school’s graduates have gone on to attend leading educational institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, UCLA, Duke, and many others.

Written by Caroline Crosson Gilpin

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Dwight Global Online School

Dwight Global Online School

Dwight Global Online School is the cloud campus of Dwight School, founded in 1872 in New York City. Ranked #2 online high school in the Americas, Dwight Global is an accredited private school that blends online, on-campus, and residential learning experiences, allowing students to pursue a personalized program in grades 6-12. With flexible scheduling and the ability to join synchronous classes from anywhere in the world, students can pursue both rigorous academics and their spark of genius in athletics, performing arts, or wherever their passions lead them. Dwight Global students may visit and study at any of the Dwight Global Network of Schools campuses: New York, London, Shanghai, Seoul, Dubai, and Hanoi. Experienced college counselors guide Dwight Global students in exploring and discovering academic, extracurricular and career interests leading them to find the college that is the best match for each student. Graduates attend a wide range of schools from smaller liberal arts colleges to large private and state research institutions to colleges and universities from across the globe.

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