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There are many international day and boarding schools in the USA, which can make it difficult to choose the best one for your child. We have compiled a handpicked list of many of the top boarding schools and international day schools in the USA to help you make the right decision.

Browse our list of schools below and filter by city or region. You can then filter by cost or curriculum. In addition to information about general costs and location, you can see details about tuition fees, languages, student-teacher ratios, and much more, depending on what you’re looking for in the perfect institution.

Why the USA?

The USA is known for containing some of the best international day and boarding schools. At the right school, students can get the education they need to secure a successful future as they pursue higher education and begin entering the workforce.

Good international day and boarding schools in the USA will give students access to all of the resources they need to learn and live comfortably. Students also benefit from an inspirational environment, including many large cities that serve as cultural hubs to help them grow, from Los Angeles on the west coast to New York City on the east. During their time off, students can enjoy the beaches on either coast, or they can enjoy trips to the mountain ranges of Colorado and many other beautiful locations across the country. Communities in the USA are also accommodating to international students and their families, helping them integrate.

While the primary language spoken in the USA is English, students can also learn many other languages, including Spanish and more. They can also receive the support they need to excel, with one-on-one support and additional personal support if required. Students will be able to carry what they learn in the USA for the rest of their lives as they prepare for personal and professional success.

To ensure that students receive the best possible education based on their specific needs, international and boarding schools in the U.S. offer the U.S. Curriculum, U.K. Curriculum, and the International Baccalaureate.

Find the Right International Day or Boarding Schools in the USA

We understand how challenging it can be to locate the ideal school for your children. We can help you make the right selection with one of our education advisors. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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