Top Five Qualities that Millennial Parents Want in their Children’s Schools

Millennials have been described as the first global generation and the first generation to grow up in the internet age, shifting the qualities that they want for their children’s education when compared to previous generations such as Generation X and Baby Boomers.

As Millennials have been predicted to soon to become the largest parent group with school aged children, global premium schools organisation Nord Anglia Education investigated and identified what exactly it is that Millennials are looking for from schools.

Schools that enable students to successfully to create and innovate in an everchanging world

“Millennials want their children’s education to help them be prepared, in terms of life-skills and academics, in a future they can’t quite define yet. Creativity, well-being, resilience and a sense of purpose are top of the list of skills they want their child to develop so they’re ready for life in an uncertain world.” says Dr Elise Ecoff, Nord Anglia’s Global Education Director.

Schools that support students to achieve the best results possible in their academic journey

Parents should look at a school’s long-standing academic success, where students consistently score above the UK and global average in their iGCSE and IBDP results. A good school will offer an internationally focused curriculum across all age groups. For Primary, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is one of the fastest-growing curriculum choices in the world today and for Secondary, the iGCSE and IB Diploma programmes offer qualifications that are recognised worldwide by top universities.

Schools that support students, employees and communities in their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

A good school should promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing in their core offering: having a pastoral support system for each and every child, offering a confidential counselling service, collaborating with mental health organisations to share practical guidance on how best to support staff and students and demonstrating a commitment to further improve their practice.

Schools with world-class language learning and cultural immersion programmes

Parents wanted schools to help their children be adaptable, equip them with life skills and help them gain social and emotional skills such as the ability to manage conflict. Being part of a global family of 76 schools in 31 countries, means that all of Nord Anglia Education’s 68,000 students become members of a truly global community that spans both continents and cultures.

Schools with best in class facilities to maximise creative learning opportunities for students

Nord Anglia schools’ strong academic foundations combine world-class teaching and curricula with cutting-edge technology and facilities, to create learning experiences like no other both inside and outside the classroom.

So what can schools do to try and meet the aspirations of Millennial parents? By personalising their approach to education, adapting lessons in accordance with how a child learns best, and encouraging experimentation and finding solutions by trial and error.

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