Top 5 Reasons to Enroll at Saint-Charles

Located 1 hour from Basel, Switzerland, 2.5 hours from Paris, France and 2 hours from Zurich, The Collège and Lycée Saint-Charles is an intimate school in the beautiful and historic town of Porrentruy, Switzerland. The area is known for its temperate climate even in the winter, beautiful green countryside and proximity to all that Switzerland has to offer. 

Learn more below about why you should enroll at Saint-Charles!

1. A Holistic Approach 

Our school’s approach is to focus on the individual student from the very beginning of their career with Saint-Charles.  Saint-Charles instills strong values such as a spirit of openness, humanism, and tradition.  Saint-Charles’ staff works with students to create a well-rounded approach to their experience, looking into shared humanity and experiences to lay the foundation for learning and growing.  Saint-Charles is a school to prepare students for life. 

2. Excellence in Education 

Saint-Charles offers a complete educational package for students starting from 3rd grade (5th Harmos)through their diploma program, either the International Baccalaureate (candidate school) or Swiss Maturite.  This package allows for students to join our classes during Primary, Secondary or for their Diploma program based on their individual needs.  In its region, Saint-Charles is known for being unique with a recognized Maturite program, which affords students the ability to take their Diploma examinations on campus and results in a 100% pass rate.  Saint-Charles is also the only school in the area to offer this diploma in a bilingual model: French and English.

3. A Modern Campus 

Saint-Charles’ modern campus is well maintained across our four main instructional buildings.  Saint-Charles invests in its beautiful campus with physical updates but also technology updates.  It is a bright and colorful environment and brings out students all the cognitive benefits that natural light offers.  Its sports hall provides students with a space for recreation, including its heated indoor pool, to promote physical activity year-round.  Its beautiful garden allows students to enjoy the outdoors during breaks from class.

Saint-Charles boarding school is hosted in dormitories on campus.  The rooms are modern, bright and spacious.  Students are housed in single or double rooms.  With comfortable beds, plenty of storage and modern aesthetic, students feel very much at home on campus.

4. Level of care 

Saint-Charles’ average class size is 12 students per class, however, its staff to student ratio is 3 to 1.  Saint-Charles provides an intimate level of personalized monitoring of students which is founded on support and listening.  At Saint-Charles they focus not only on instilling knowledge, but also ensuring that students know how to learn by teaching learning strategies explicitly. This provides students with a high level of self-awareness which will help them in University and beyond.

Saint-Charles’ staff speaks over 10 languages, so we can communicate with parents from around the globe.  Its boarding school staff is available throughout the day and night to support students with everything from homework to personal questions.  They plan thoughtful activities for students to keep their weekends full ranging from experiencing Switzerland and Europe to fun and recreation.

5. Location 

Located in the Northwestern corner of Switzerland, Saint-Charles is proudly based in Porrentruy.  This is part of the country known for having temperate weather with easy access to the rest of Europe as well as the beautiful mountains of Switzerland.  The city is home to just 7000 people, providing our students with a comfortable and safe location.  Saint-Charles’ campus is a 5-minute walk from the center of town and from our historic castle.  The local train station provides connections to major cities throughout Europe.

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