Tech Savvy Launch at LCV High School

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Much curiosity, apprehension, and frankly fear, have surrounded the start of the school year for millions of parents around the world. With what seems to be chaos in too many areas of life today, it has been challenging to know how to best prepare for and provide the peace, clarity and calm needed for quality engagement within our community of students, staff and teachers.

At LCV High School we successfully launched our in-class sessions with a series of exercises that enabled care free exploration of ideas and risk-taking. Too often, the fear of failure and ridicule pervades and thwarts the learning experience. Using technology, science and engineering as a foundation, students found themselves able to engage in both simple and complex orientation challenges with joy and success.

What Students and Teacher said

“I had never seen cellular DNA in such detail – it was an amazing journey on my first day of classes.”
Reo Segane – Grade 10
“Being in a group is much better than being alone, I really have to say!”
Quill Zhang
“When I did my tower alone last time, I just thought and then started. Cooperation is different. We need to communicate our ideas to our group members, share our ideas, discuss, and then work together. It’s a great way to improve one’s thinking and communication.”
Jialin Xu
“Seeing students tinker with ideas, build, break, rebuild, and be excited about it is the best part of education.”
Mr. E
“It was really amazing. While we did not talk too much, we somehow knew what our teammates wanted to do. So, the progress through the challenge felt relaxed. Everyone chipped in without encumbering others.”
Joseph Bai

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LaSalle College Vancouver

LaSalle College Vancouver

LaSalle College Vancouver High School opened its doors in September 2019. What sets this new high school apart is that it shares a facility with a state-of-the-art college, which offers an array of exciting applied arts programs in diverse fields such as VFX for film and television, video game programming, digital film and video, game art and design, graphic design, interior design, fashion and culinary arts.