SJII Announces IB Diploma Results for Class of 2020

St. Joseph’s Institution International is very proud to announce our IB Diploma results for our Class of 2020. The cohort of 183 graduates scored an average of 38 points, an improvement on last year’s results, with 100% of the cohort obtaining the full IB Diploma.

A Commitment to Excellence Brings Top IB Diploma Results

Our average is significantly above the 2020 world average for IB Diploma students of 29.81 points.

41.5% of our students achieved 40 points or more, a result only achieved by around 13% of students worldwide. In addition to this, 23.5% of the Class of 2020 achieved 42 points or more. Well done to these top achievers!

Brother Lawrence Humphrey, SJI International’s Brother President, said, “​In so many ways our school community witnessed the commitment and purposefulness of this year’s cohort, during what will always be remembered as a most challenging year. That is why we are so understandably proud of these students, all of whom successfully completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. Congratulations to the students, and to all who have accompanied them throughout their IB journey, especially our outstanding staff. God bless them as they go forward to serve a world community very much in need of their gifts and talents.​ ”

While we rightly celebrate those students who have scored 40 points or more, the achievements of those who have scored in the 24 to 39 point range are no less impressive. At an individual level, all of our students have achieved results that are a true testament to their hard work, determination and commitment throughout the Diploma Programme.

SJI International continues to maintain a broad admissions policy and is one of only 3 international schools in Singapore that is licenced to educate both Singaporean and international students. The Class of 2020 included 104 students who joined the school in 2015 after completing their PSLE exam, with a range of PSLE scores from 167 to 267 points (average PSLE score = 225.3). These students went on to score an average IB Diploma score of 35.4 points – an outstanding example of the value added by an SJI International education. The Class of 2020 also included 23 students who joined the school with a PSLE score of less than 215 (average PSLE score of 199.7). This group achieved an average IB Diploma score of 32.1 points. This includes 4 students who scored 39 points or more for the IB Diploma. Another four students who joined SJI International with PSLE scores of less than 180 went on to score an average of 31.5 points. All students performing above the world average. SJI International is extremely proud of our Class of 2020.

Mr. Darryl David, CEO of SJI International, said: “​SJI International is about holistic education that celebrates the overall development of our students, and as such, we have never been a school that “chases” results as an end in itself. However, the 100% IB-attainment rate is a figure that we have always strived for, as it means that we are able to ensure that every one of our students graduates with an IB diploma. ​

To have accomplished this in the year that we just had is indeed a testament to the resilience of the Class of 2020 and also to the commitment and dedication of all our staff. Congratulations to all our graduating students and their families!​ ”

It has also been pleasing to see 8 students who have completed a full 12 years of their learning journey at SJI International, successfully graduate and complete their IB Diploma. These students are our founding Elementary School students who commenced with us in 2008 when the school first opened.

Mrs. Roisin Paul, High School Principal, said: “​2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, especially those students facing their IB Diploma examinations. The outcomes could easily have been affected by the Covid pandemic but these results are a testament to the dedication, resilience, and drive of our staff and students. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Together, we achieved, in true Lasallian style, some of the best results SJI International has seen​ .”

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