Grade 4 Students Explore Cultural and Heritage Preservation

As part of the “Where We Are in Place and Time” unit, SSIS Grade 4 students embarked on an exciting journey to explore and preserve their cultural heritage. Students researched, learned, and now eagerly passed on their newfound skills and knowledge to showcase why and how cultural heritage should be preserved.

Grade-4-Students-Explore-Cultural-and-Heritage-Preservation-2 Grade-4-Students-Explore-Cultural-and-Heritage-Preservation-2 Grade 4 Students Explore Cultural and Heritage Preservation

Some students choose to inquire into and present about tangible aspects of cultural heritage such as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Others choose to look at intangible parts of cultural heritage including Chinese Go games, Suzhou Embroidering, Kumbh Mela, Making tea, the Korean language Hangul, Chinese shadow puppet performances and folktales from all over the world. Presentations varied between tasting experiences, exhibitions of models, interactive experiences, thoroughly researched powerpoint displays and dramatic performances.

Students love opportunities such as these parent events to share and celebrate their learning. It offers an opportunity for parents to share, experience and engage with their child’s learning.

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Suzhou Singapore International School

Suzhou Singapore International School

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