Kindergarten Students Host Spectacular Book Store Event

Get ready to be amazed by the talented our young authors at SSIS!

The kindergarten students organized a super fun book store event to celebrate their love for writing. It was the perfect way to wrap up their writers’ workshop unit. Each student got to show off their very own books and share their incredible storytelling skills.

Kindergarten-Students-Host-Spectacular-Book-Store-Event Kindergarten-Students-Host-Spectacular-Book-Store-Event Kindergarten Students Host Spectacular Book Store Event

Students sorted their books into different categories, such as Toys/Games, People/Characters, Food, Places,Nature, Shapes,Holidays, and Animals. And they transformed their classroom into a buzzing marketplace, complete with a bakery, a cashier, and even a cozy coffee shop where people could chill and enjoy a good read. These mini entrepreneurs didn’t stop there – they also invited Pre Kindergarten friends and teachers to come and check out their literary masterpieces.

The book store event was a huge success! Everyone who walked through those classroom doors couldn’t help but be impressed by what these young authors had accomplished.

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Suzhou Singapore International School

Suzhou Singapore International School

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