School of Schaffhausen Unveils Third-Floor Expansion

Very excited and full of anticipation, the students and staff of the International School of Schaffhausen (ISSH) stepped foot into their brand new 3rd floor expansion at the Secondary School building on October 24th.

Following an intensive six-month construction phase, the Head of School, Ebru Güver, proudly inaugurated the new facility which includes six state-of-the-art classrooms and science laboratories. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a joyful occasion, marked by the presence of the school’s beloved mascot, ISSHy.

This remarkable expansion project represents a significant step forward for the International School of Schaffhausen. The new classrooms and science laboratories will not only enhance the overall educational experience but also make significant strides in sustainability and environmental responsibility with the installation of solar panels. These will not only power the entire campus, with both buildings benefiting from this sustainable energy source but will also serve as a shining example of the commitment to green practices.

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