Read how Christa rediscovered her Swiss roots

In 2021, after 35 years of living abroad, I finally returned to my birth country, Switzerland. Born in Basel, my life had taken me to various corners of the world, from Australia, to Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and beyond. Engaging with diverse cultures and people, I forged a unique international upbringing. Yet, a longing to experience my own country led me to the enchanting town of Schaffhausen.

Schaffhausen was a delightful surprise, one I had never even heard of until a job opportunity beckoned. My first visit, during the pandemic’s peak, limited our exploration, but gazing upon the serene Rheinfall from the car, I sensed an unspoken charm. When I eventually moved to Schaffhausen, the town had opened its arms, and I felt instantly at ease.

Though accustomed to big cities, Schaffhausen’s small-town ambiance quickly won me over. Its allure lay in the stunning Rhine River, where leisurely strolls and lively get-togethers with friends brought me joy. My apartment’s proximity to the old town further immersed me in the town’s charm, leading me to discover delightful restaurants and cafes, including a beloved Thai spot that felt like home.

As much as I appreciate the summer in Schaffhausen, I equally enjoy the winter season leading up to Christmas. The sparkling lights illuminating the town, the festive Christmas markets, and the enticing food trucks brimming with mulled wine create a warm and comforting atmosphere.

Even if the allure of big cities beckons, Schaffhausen offers easy access to neighbouring Zurich, Winterthur, and Basel, enabling me to savour the best of both worlds. Venturing across the border to Germany for shopping or relaxation further enriches my experience.

Over the past two years, I have hosted numerous visitors who, without fail, fall in love with Schaffhausen’s hidden gem. Despite its modest size, the town abounds with character and unique offerings, creating unforgettable memories for all who visit.

Through this journey, I have rediscovered my Swiss roots and reconnected with my heritage. Who knows what my future holds, but I know that my decision to move here was undoubtedly the right one. Each passing year presents new opportunities to explore Switzerland’s beauty while basking in the vibrancy of Schaffhausen’s embrace.

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ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH is a place where students feel at home away from home. The international day and boarding school is renowned for its family-like atmosphere. It is located in the northern part of Switzerland, 35 minutes from Zurich airport. The ISSH strives to develop young people to their full potential. Lifelong learning, confidence and open-mindedness are not just words but values and attitudes which stay with ISSH students for life and provide a strong foundation for their success. Schaffhausen is a small, safe and charming city with much to offer to students and their families.

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