Mock Exams for ISSH DP2 students

The big finale is just around the corner for our senior class. At the moment our DP2 students are finalizing their last internal assessments and are getting ready for the big external exams. These will be held at the end of our spring break.

Being prepared for these exams is a major undertaking and requires a lot of practice. Not only do students need to be ready for this regarding content but they also need to be mentally prepared to apply the knowledge they attained over the past two years to a novel situation, but students also have to be able to deal with the surroundings and demands of the exam room and procedure itself. In order to best prepare for the situation of exam taking, our students are required to sit their mock exams after the upcoming ski break. This mock exam is a more condensed version of the real examinations. Instead of having three weeks to sit all the exams in the six subjects, students have only a week for it. It is usually a rather taxing experience for our students and we wish them a lot of strength and courage for this second to final step towards their grand finale. In order to simulate the real exams as best as possible, we are setting up the gym hall just like it will be set up for the final exams. The results of these mock exams will show students where their performance lies at this point in time and it guides their final studies. Often, students actually perform better in their real exams than in the mock exams. The reason for this is perhaps that they have gained practice and they have a better understanding of where there is a need for revision and practice. I think I can speak for the entire secondary school team when saying that we cheer for our students and wish them all the best for their revision and the upcoming exams!

Silke Fox – High School Principal

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