Living in Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Music, Sports and Academics – Read what Louis, a grade 12 student at ISSH, loves about living in Schaffhausen.

I still remember to this day how surprised I was at everything being so close. It seems paradoxical being minutes away from a swimming pool, a bathable river, shops, city centre, the school. Germany, and skiing, hiking trails, lake beaches, and a zoo in a small city are also nearby, while Paris is only a few hours away.

I also remember hearing about the sheer amount of after-school activities in Schaffhausen. You can find almost all activities you can think of. You can get through almost all clubs with English or limited German. Over the years I tried the Zirkus Schule, gymnastics, tennis, kayak club, math youth academy at ETH and the music school.

Sports: Sports clubs tend to be competitive and aid you to reach the highest level. This is perfect for children who are serious about their sport. However, not all clubs have the same spirit so you can always find something that fits your needs.

Music: There are plenty of opportunities around town to find both private lessons or music schools and if you enjoy going to concerts, you will find important festivals close by ranging from Frauenfeld to stars in town.

Academics : Since Schaffhausen is so close to one of the top universities in Europe in Zurich, you will find a multitude of free lectures and courses which you can attend (not all in English) as well as join the Maths Youth Academy (fully in English). This also means that most Olympiads happen in Zurich.

The Rhine is truly central in Schaffhausen and offers plenty of possibilities for recreation. I find it the most interesting and best feature of Schaffhausen. This is why I am proud to have lived the majority of my life in Schaffhausen.

Louis is a Grade 12 student at ISSH and has lived in Schaffhausen for 10 years, after moving from the Paris suburbs.

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