ISSH Presents, Robin Hood

The Primary students in the Theatre Club at the International School of Schaffhausen shared their hard work in their performance of Robin Hood this week. The Grades 2-5 students first auditioned in January for their parts and have been meeting each week since. Their artistic journey began with reading through the script, before editing and adding additional parts they found from movies. The students were then ready to begin to act and bring their characters to life!

Each performer has shown a true commitment to their role, listened to feedback given, and supported their fellow performers along the way.

All students of the primary school began to learn the songs to become the chorus for the main cast, and each class worked together to create a dance for one of the songs. Once again, all students joined rehearsals with enthusiasm and determination and supported each other to prepare for the performance. Here is what the students have to say about their experience in the Theatre Club:“For me, I liked doing the play because it was fun to sing and act with my friends, I also like how everyone is part of the play who wants to be and no one is left out.

Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. Every year we do a new play and we have so much fun singing the new songs. Once we’ve practiced we get to just go on stage and have fun and show what we learned, in my opinion, that is the best part because we’ve all worked so hard and to see it come together is the best feeling! That is why I love doing the play”.

“I liked the show because we got to have fun and because we got roles that challenged us so we could learn new ways of saying things. I also loved it because I found out that I could do something that I never knew I could. Another reason I liked it was because we got to spend fun time with friends and have a pizza party before the show. From the one and only, Little John”.

Grade 5 students

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ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH International School of Schaffhausen

ISSH is a place where students feel at home away from home. The international day and boarding school is renowned for its family-like atmosphere. It is located in the northern part of Switzerland, 35 minutes from Zurich airport. The ISSH strives to develop young people to their full potential. Lifelong learning, confidence and open-mindedness are not just words but values and attitudes which stay with ISSH students for life and provide a strong foundation for their success. Schaffhausen is a small, safe and charming city with much to offer to students and their families.

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